Jeviu launched a contest for all fashion enthusiast,who are highly skilled and want to work as a professional.

So what you will get if you win or join our contest.

  1. Fashion Blogger: Every top 3 bloggers will get 50 dollars and sure discount on every product as described by our company.
  2. Fashion Social Promoter: Here the more you like, share and reach people you will get 100 dollars and surety discount on our products.
  3. Fashion Influencer: In this profile your skill and influencing capabilities help you to reach more people with our products.

The more you are good influencer the more you will earn, here there is no limit of earning so be the Boss of your work and earn with Jeviu

Requirements for contests

1.Know basic about fashion they have experienced in this sector of a minimum of 1 year in fashion industry.

2. For influencers there is no limit, if you are more interested and if you have capabilities to influence people you have given extra benefits.

For registration shoot us a message